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“FAST” – It’s a way of life here at Fast Guy So come along for the ride and "Feel the need...."

Like many of us - we grew up racing and riding dirt bikes. The ‘70’s and '80’s were a time of rapid advancement in race bike technology, and we were witness to everything from the use of titanium in engine cases to laying down rear shocks for more suspension travel. I still remember being five or six years old and going into our local CZ cycle shop with my dad. I was dreaming about owning a CZ400…..while going a little slower on a Scat-Cat with a Briggs engine. The upcoming years brought faster two strokes; and like many of you reading this, I still remember the smell of pre-mix, the sound and feel of a well-tuned 125 two-stroke, and how freaking fast we thought those bikes were. From CZ's, to YZ's and everything in between, it was a great time growing up in that era.

We got into the vintage sticker business to re-live some of the good times of that part of our lives – as well as share those great memories with you - the current or former racer, or restoration guy. As you browse our site, let us know what you think. We'll be here with the stickers you remember from "back in the day" Peace! - Shawn

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